American Nyckelharpa Association (ANA)

American Swedish Institute (ASI)

Eric Sahlström Institute

Eric Sahlström Memorial Foundation

Föreningen Nyckelharpan


Musicians and teachers with ties to TCNL

Becky Weiss

Bronwyn Bird

Ditte Andersson

Josefina Paulson

Kirsty Money

Leif Alpsjö

Magnus Holmström

Näsbom Brothers

Olov Johansson

Peter Hedlund (Puma)

Renee Vaughan


Nyckelharpa suppliers

Vermont Violins (for strings and bows)

Bosse Nilsson

Earl Holzman

Esbjörn Hogmark

Harry Hedbom

Olle Plahn

Sören Åhker


TCNL Bylaws
TCNL Bylaws

The purpose of the TCNL is to educate its members and others about the nyckelharpa traditions as found largely in the Uppland region of Sweden; to conduct educational programs and activities that will promote awareness and knowledge of the nyckelharpa; to provide competent instruction in the traditional music associated with the nyckelharpa; and to provide practice and performance opportunities for its members.
The Twin Cities Nyckelharpalag is a 501c(3) non profit educational organization.